What We Do

Craige Thompson is the author of “Patent Offense, 7 Steps to a Safe, Secure Patent Portfolio.” He started out as an Electrical Design Engineer. After graduating from U of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Craige went to work for an electronics design & manufacturer that specialized in product concepting, design, commercialization, and manufacturing. There he honed his design & development skills in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and consumer products.
After 10 years in design, Craige went back to school to get his law degree. This led him to Fish & Richardson P.C., the preeminent patent/IP law firm in the country. He won acclaim for his ability to find weaknesses in opponents’ patents and became known as “The Patent Killer.” Craige was also able to account for those weaknesses when writing a patent, and due to being able to write a patent that quickly advanced through the USPTO, soon also became known as the Patent “Examiner Whisperer.”
This all culminated in Thompson Patent Law right here in Austin, TX. Thompson Patent Law is a boutique patent law firm that specializes in patents for electronic/electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, and software. Here we write Litigation Quality Patents that are designed to stand up to the scrutiny of litigation. We believe that your patent should be viewed and treated as a valuable business asset from the start. While we work with Fortune 100 companies, what we really enjoy is working with entrepreneurs and startups to help them “out-patent the Fortune 100,” making sure their patents start the right way!