"I got a fantastic result from my patent team at TPL. The “Point of Novelty Report” they created was amazingly effective because it got us to an allowance in less than a year without even a single office action from the USPTO. My PON Report provided a clear plan that enabled us to hit the bullseye immediately. We were able to get very effective and valuable claims without having to go back and forth with the patent examiner, which saves a lot of time and money. Just as Craige says, the Point of Novelty Report does work incredibly well."
"I own and run a small software company. As a result, I routinely come in contact with professionals of all types and levels of competency. Today, I witnessed first hand, a seasoned legal professional who has absolutely, mastered his craft. I witnessed first hand this morning, as a very rare participant on a conference to the US Patent And Trademark Office, (USPTO), a patent attorney known as “The Examiner Whisperer” calm a wild horse while simutanously serving the winning ACE at the Wimbledon Finals.My company was facing the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the winning run on third. We were challenging the Examiner’s Final Office Action decision to reject our patent application, on what we felt was faulty reasoning and Error of Fact in decision. Craige “The Examiner Whisperer” Thompson, at Thompson Law was called in, and drove in the winning run!He professionally and calmly explained the situation to the Examiner siting fact and reasoning that actually lead the Examiner to point out to Craige, the obvious conclusion was, the decision was wrong and the Notice of Allowance would be sent.As the inventor of the software, having been invited to sit in on this rare conference call, I am only the second person in Craige’s long career, to actually witness this highest degree of diplomacy happening. That being, leading an Examiner to do what we wanted him to do, that being to make the only decision he could actually make, and be actually satisfied, that it was his idea.Truly amazing, was this experience. I highly recommend you read Craig’s new, best selling book, “Patent Offense” and give Craige a call for any patent questions you may have. And if you are lucky, very lucky, you just might witness “The Examiner Whisperer” toss the ball in air with everything on the line and drive that ACE past the Examiner, who didn’t even see it coming – to win it all! Thanks Craige, job well done!"
"Craige Thompson and the staff at Thompson Law office have done an outstanding job for Flyback Energy Inc. Intellectual property underpins every aspect of FEI technology. Craige has a high level of engineering knowledge and an in-depth understanding of physics as well as great legal expertise. Flyback Energy Inc. lost thousands of dollars to other patent law firms because they could not grasp onto or understand the complex electromagnetic physics that FEI technology is based on. Not only did Craige create great patents for us, he devised a legal defense strategy like we were going to war. The patent work Craige has done for FEI has also been very expedient and cost effective.Bar none the best."
"While I worked with some really good patent lawyers when I was at Gillette, Craige Thompson (from Fish & Richardson at the time) was unquestionably the best. Absolutely incisive in understanding the details of invention disclosure in complex areas of engineering and physics. A great communicator, he asks good questions and listens to answers, and explains patent law to laypeople with great clarity and skill. An expert in drafting patents that have no loopholes. I hired Thompson Law 10 years later, and got the Craige Thompson of old, plus more people like him. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
"I and my team have appreciated the work of Craige Thompson and his team at TPL over a number of years. TPL’s initial work and flexibility on non-prosecution fronts helped us immensely at a number of key times; TPL’S availability, creativity and careful claim drafting pushed a host of critical inventions into patent applications that are now on file around the globe; and TPL’S creativity and persistence with examiners helped us to salvage numerous matters that were not drafted at a 'litigation quality' level."